How did The Lad Bible become so successful?

Its executives believe a profit margin of around 30pc – three times that of BuzzFeed’s – is sustainable. Comparing its social media reach to its rivals, LadBible is second only to Buzzfeed with the pair respectively holding 262m and 324m. Such has been the rise of the 10-year-old media minnow that it is now primed to take its growth story to the public markets. LadBible is working with advisers at Zeus Capital on a £360m London Stock Market listing, which will give institutional investors a slice of the booming online advertising market through a £30m raise. “Just a few years earlier we were probably selling mobile phone cases,” he reflects. Back then, LadBible’s bread and butter was chiefly in “word and image,” but video was on the horizon.

  1. It creates money mainly from brands like Lynx, PlayStation, and KFC.
  2. It already generates more than 28 billion content views globally each year.
  3. To retain its audience’s trust, the platform needs to emphasize robust fact-checking processes and transparency in sourcing and verification.
  4. Advertising rates are much higher in the US and LadBible already has an enormous reach in the country thanks to users who consume content produced for its existing UK and Australian audiences.
  5. Staff were told they’d be paid that month’s salary in instalments.

As I go deeper, I am surprised by just how exacting the platform gatekeepers are. It turns out you can learn quite a lot from this content flywheel. After two days of quizzing the social publisher’s staff in London, The Drum reports back on the progress being made in its quest for credibility among the marketing, publishing and original content industries. Since Unilad shuttered, Bentley, Harrington and Quinlan have maintained a low profile.

Then Arian Kalantari joined with Solomou as the director of the business and developed it into a LADbible project. LADbible is one of the Number 1 Media and Entertainment vintage fx Creator’ in the world which is a voice for a community of 300 million people rights now. It mainly targets the younger generation between 18 to 34 years old.

Can LadBible convince marketers?

During this period, as administrators sought a buyer for Unilad – before longtime rivals LADbible eventually swooped in – the rumour mill went into overdrive. Quinlan sent an email to staff, asking them to share statements online in support of Unilad. “John [Quinlan] was saying that the administrators were corrupt and he was trying to get everyone to share this email he’d written on LinkedIn,” says Sara.

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It has already covered the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and USA audiences. In the United States, it has a large audience without a staff. After seeking legal advice, Harry took the LADbible job, but he still had to work his notice period. “I wasn’t allowed in the office, but they made me write really long articles that weren’t read or published,” he says. “They’d literally disappear into a black hole.” Unilad switched all the bylines on Harry’s stories to the pseudonym “Christopher Blunt”, effectively erasing his entire body of work. She told BBC Radio 5 live the site was growing by 250,000 followers a week and getting 3.5 million “likes”, shares and comments on its media every day.

Their aspirations proved unattainable in an environment dominated by Google and Facebook. The architect of the campaign was the LadBible Group, the digital publisher co-founded by chief executive Solly Solomou that has captured an enormous youth following for its mix of shareable clips and entertainment news. A lot of media companies claim this, but one differentiator I see is its consumer research youth panel of more than 50,000 souls, LadNation. I’m shown examples of it conducting competitor and sector analysis, celebrity buzz tracking, quantitative research and brand uplift studies to sourcing audience questions for one of the Gallagher brothers. This research helped Visa get a handle on how young people were managing the cost of living crisis. Agencies regularly source “conversation starters” for pitch decks from it, as well as creative “hooks” once work is given the green light.

We’d reached peak internet access, 4G networks were popping up and smartphones were getting smarter. It was time for ‘the pivot to video’ – a trend that ripped the heart out of some publishers and was the making of others. LAD bible is a United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia-based digital publisher. Other than that so many offices are in London, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. In the United States, it has earned a huge audience too. LADbible Group is a  British Digital Publisher which is much more popular in the United Kingdom.

Adaptation to credibility concerns stands as a crucial step for LADbible’s sustained relevance in the evolving media landscape. To retain its audience’s trust, the platform needs to emphasize robust fact-checking processes and transparency in sourcing and verification. Shifting towards a more stringent approach to ensure accuracy and reliability in its news reporting can foster a more trusted relationship with its audience and the broader information ecosystem. User feedback and trust levels are fundamental barometers in gauging the credibility of platforms like LADbible. The transparency and receptiveness of platforms to user feedback significantly influence the trust levels among their audience. By dissecting user feedback, the pulse of audience perception and sentiment towards the platform is revealed.

It works with its clients to link them with their young audience through creative campaigns. “LADbible was better at diversifying away from Facebook than Unilad,” explains independent media analyst Alex DeGroote. Besides expanding their reach on other social platforms, LADbible also launched a creative agency, Joyride, in 2016, and a lucrative, long-term branded partnership with Smirnoff in 2018. Insiders at the company suggested the future of the business could hinge on whether it can successfully expand into the US, where it has opened an office and hired a small number of staff ahead of a full launch next year. Advertising rates are much higher in the US and LadBible already has an enormous reach in the country thanks to users who consume content produced for its existing UK and Australian audiences.

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A self-described website “for when you are bored in the library”, Patridge uploaded much of the content to Unilad 1.0 himself (Partridge did not respond to multiple interview requests). Still, speculation reached fever pitch when someone trailed the announcement by taping a T-shirt to the front door of Unilad’s London office out of hours, with the words UNILAD EXPOSED printed on it. If you use Facebook, the chances are that you have seen the material – videos of Rambo-themed stag parties, mobile discos paraded through supermarket aisles, or a man changing a nappy wearing a gas mask. Today’s headlines and latest breaking news from the UK and around the world.

Even in 2023, it’s still LadBible’s fastest-growing brand. With its sleek production and access to top talent, it is now a far cry from its origins. Some of their posts dropped on social media platforms have caused anger between religions. In 2019, they launched LADbible Australia and SPORTbible Australia, and Ladbible Ireland. The world’s leading social publisher launched SPORTbible Australia as their new publication dedicated to Australian Sport.

How does ladBible make money?

Walker managed to claw back about £5,500 of what he was owed by Unilad, after taking a hard drive containing client material hostage, but he’s still owed around £3,500 in unpaid invoices. At this point, according to Newswhip, in August of 2018 Unilad was still Facebook’s fourth biggest publisher, bigger even than MailOnline or the New York Times. One time, someone in the video team dragged a confetti cannon onto the first floor balcony, which looked out over reception, and set it off. “It scared the shit out of the receptionist,” Sara laughs. “It didn’t ever feel like I was going to work. It was always fun. There were times where projects would get you stressed or you’d argue with someone, but 90 percent of the time I absolutely loved it.” The site where “Sexual Mathematics” appeared was founded in 2010 by Alex Partridge, a former private school pupil and student at Oxford Brookes University.

However, LADbible, characterized by its viral content and entertainment-focused approach, diverges from the conventional paradigms of news reporting. The comparative examination of these contrasting styles serves as a lens through which to comprehend the diverse approaches to information delivery in the contemporary media landscape. Scrutinizing the public perception and impact of LADbible uncovers the intricate layers of its influence on social media, the potential repercussions of misleading content, and the trust levels reflected in user feedback. Understanding these factors is quintessential in appraising the platform’s standing within the information landscape and its impact on the digital society. Founded in 2012, LADbible Group has redefined entertainment and news for a social generation. With a global presence, and offices in the UK, Ireland and Australia, LADbible Group has grown to become one of the biggest social publishers in the world with a global audience approaching a billion.

Although Tiktok is one of the world’s fastest-growing social networks, Facebook remains a huge priority for Ladbible Group and is still the biggest audience driver for its brands. Ladbible posts around 150 videos and 100 articles per day on its Facebook pages, where it has a following on Facebook of 160 million, according to data shared with Press Gazette by the publisher. This is an expanded group that includes LADbible, UNILAD, GAMINGbible, SPORTbible, Tyla, and many more brands. It already generates more than 28 billion content views globally each year. According to their published information in December 2021, there are 450 employees working with the group. This prominent Digital Publisher has its own creative team called Joyride.

The website is co-founded by Alexander “Solly” Solomou and Arian Kalantari and focused on publishing easily shareable clips, pictures, and stories. LADbible publishes a diverse range of original and user-generated content – spanning editorial, video, documentary, and live. The group’s video views, which along with growth and engagement is a key metric for publishers on the platform, are up from 2.5 billion in 2021 to 7.4 billion last year.

LADbible – Bias and Credibility

Comparing LADbible to established news outlets involves an intricate analysis of credibility metrics, comparative analysis, variances in reporting styles and objectivity, and audience trust comparisons. Credibility metrics play a pivotal role in distinguishing between LADbible, a prominent digital platform, and established news outlets. While traditional news sources adhere to well-defined journalistic standards and verification processes, LADbible’s methodologies may differ, gravitating towards engaging content rather than stringent journalistic protocols. Scrutinizing these metrics reveals the nuances in information dissemination and the platform’s reliability in comparison to traditional news outlets.

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