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This can damage your immune system, and mean that your risk of seizures and death is much higher than when using cocaine or alcohol on their own. This may lead to people injecting more often which increases harm. For a heavy cocaine user, these symptoms will typically peak within two to four days and resolve within a week. For some people with cocaine addiction, cravings and depression may last for weeks or months. Speedball, which is a mix of cocaine and heroin, is usually injected. The euphoric rush of pleasure and energy a person gets from cocaine doesn’t last long.

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The risk of addiction is even higher with crack cocaine because its effects are more immediate and more intense. In our American Addiction Facilities—with locations in Texas, Las Vegas, Florida, and more—we treat cocaine addiction with high-quality evidence-based behavioral therapies. Many of our facilities also offer holistic, expressive, and recreational therapies to help you find healthier ways of dealing with negative emotions and grow your coping skills. Based on the facility you choose, trauma-based therapies may also be available to help you understand and cope with past traumas. Therapies that help with trauma include eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and Seeking Safety, among others.

Long-Term Effects

Getting help at an inpatient treatment program for cocaine addiction will significantly help your chances of recovery. The relapse rate for cocaine addiction is between 18 and 24% for individuals who complete a treatment program, and approximately 90% for individuals attempting to recover on their own. These statistics emphasize the importance of getting professional treatment, not leaving treatment too soon, and staying in touch with peers and therapists who can support the ongoing recovery journey. Cocaine is one of the most widely abused stimulants in the United States and is the cause of thousands of overdoses and physical complications leading to emergency room visits each year. Over 2.1 million Americans have used cocaine at least once in their lives. Cocaine is one of the oldest known drugs and has been abused around the world for decades.

Early rudiments are found in worms and flies, which take us back 2 billion years in evolution. Thus, cocaine alters a neural circuit in the brain that cocaine addiction treatment is of fundamental importance to survival. Such alterations affect the individual in profound ways that scientists are still trying to understand.

Dangers Of Mixing Cocaine With Other Drugs

It can increase the risk of overdose and death, even in small amounts. In severe cases, cocaine overdose can cause a heart attack or stroke. Convulsions, coma and death can occur within two to three minutes. Signs and symptoms of cocaine use include excitability, weight loss, insomnia, irritability and paranoia. Burns on the lips and fingers and a nagging cough indicate a person has been smoking crack.

LGBTQ adults are also more than twice as likely to have a substance use disorder. An assessment is generally done before entering treatment and then periodically in order to ensure that the right level of care is being administered. Individuals may move between levels of care as needs may change during treatment. Professionals trained in substance abuse and dependency can help families decide on the best treatment method and model for your loved one.

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