Rule-based Chatbot vs AI Chatbot: Which One to Choose

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Conversational AI vs Chatbots: What’s the Difference?

chatbot vs ai

When a customer chooses an option, this triggers a designated follow up action to occur, sometimes one with another set of options from which the customer can choose. Worldwide many companies are developing various types of chatbots for their businesses. Chatbots are intended to help businesses improve their clients’ experience and reduce the customer service cost. A tech support firm can integrate a ChatGPT-trained AI chatbot for customer support. The chatbot can help users troubleshoot and resolve technical issues based on context, providing precise solutions.

Conversational AI offers numerous types of value to different businesses, ranging from personalizing data to extensive customization for users who can invest time in training the AI. With that said, conversational AI offers three points of value that stand out from all the others. Reduce costs and boost operational efficiency

Staffing a customer support center day and night is expensive.

Chatbot vs. Virtual Assistant: Key Differences

Companies want to reduce customer service costs by around 30% by implementing a conversational chatbot. In contrast, humans require funds for training, recruitment, and various other aspects. So, as far as cost is considered, chatbots are better in the humans vs AI case.

Like ChatGPT, Jasper also uses natural language processing to generate human-like responses. Jasper even uses the same language model as ChatGPT, OpenAI’s GPT-3, which was created by the AI research company behind ChatGPT. A rule-based chatbot can, for example, collect basic customer information such as name, email, or phone number. Later on, the AI bot uses this information to deliver personalized, context-sensitive experiences. Users can speak requests and questions freely using natural language, without having to type or select from options.

Cons of AI Chatbots: A Reality Check

This makes self-serving more streamlined and appealing to users because they have the freedom to write naturally and easily when interacting with AI Virtual Assistants. Users no longer have to worry about being misunderstood or possibly leaving the conversation with unresolved issues. But they can only perform simple tasks or lead to one-dimensional interaction. Businesses will always look for the latest technologies to help reduce their operating costs and provide a better customer experience. When it comes to customer experience, chatbots can help to facilitate self-service features, direct users to the relevant departments, and can be used to answer simple queries. In simpler terms, conversational AI offers businesses the ability to provide a better overall experience.

chatbot vs ai

The solution is also sophisticated enough to handle multiple questions at once and become more adept at answering unique, layered questions based on historical analysis. It uses AI to understand questions submitted by a wondering student and matches that query with the best online resources to help find an answer or to dig further into the topic. Users will need to download the Android or iPhone app, type a question into the chat, and surf the supplied resources related to the question. It works like a specialized version of Google Search, only completely tailored toward common learning objectives. Laiye is an enterprise AI chatbot and automation platform for businesses delivering support at scale. This platform should only be considered for large companies with large budgets.

Why do Conversational AI chatbots outrun Traditional Chatbots?

The level of sophistication determines whether it’s a chatbot or conversational AI. Basic chatbots operate on pre-established rules, while advanced ones utilize conversational AI for understanding, learning, and replicating human conversations. Additionally, conversational AI can be deployed across various platforms, enabling omnichannel communication. Conversational AI is a branch of AI that deals with the simulation of human conversation.

AI chatbots compared: Bard vs. Bing vs. ChatGPT – The Verge

AI chatbots compared: Bard vs. Bing vs. ChatGPT.

Posted: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

While there is also an increased chance of miscommunication with chatbots, AI chatbots with machine learning technology can tackle complex questions. AI bot is distinguished from traditional chatbot by its ability to have natural, human-like conversations. As a result of this, an AI bot is a great choice as a self-service option for customer support. Furthermore, as opposed to chatbot, AI bot can understand complex problems and provide more precise responses. Its user-friendly nature will reduce customer frustration and lead to better customer experiences. AI bots are frequently embedded in web pages or other digital applications to respond to consumer enquiries without the need for support agents, thereby offering economical, hassle-free customer service.

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Parameters are many to choose from when you want to decide whether to take the help of a chatbot or conversational AI. Just simply go to the website or mobile app and type your query into the search bar, then click the blue button. From there, Perplexity will generate an answer, as well as a short list of related topics to read about. To get the most out of Bing, be specific, ask for clarification when you need it, and tell it how it can improve. You can also ask Bing questions on how to use it so you know exactly how it can help you with something and what its limitations are.

A fashion e-commerce business can utilize a ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot to offer tailored shopping experiences. The chatbot understands customers’ style preferences, colors, and budget, then recommends products accordingly. Conventional chatbots offer limited scope in response flexibility; their replies are confined to what’s already programmed.

The Evolution of Chatbots and Conversational AI

That’s why it’s good to have options when interacting with customers and offer both. Luckily, long-gone are the days when customers would be left hanging for hours listening to Cisco´s terrible Michael Bolton breakdown. It’s just a matter of time before artificial intelligence can take the lead on customer interactions. Conversational AI can process several conversations and requests simultaneously, while a chatbot may be unable to address two commands that have been given in the same message. Conversational AI can now understand and reply to complicated queries because of advances in machine learning and deep learning techniques. Integrating these technologies into your customer support services can be useful and cost-effective for your business.

Most AI bots are text-based, but some can generate images, video, code, and audio or even solve complicated math. They’re used in all sorts of applications, like image generators and article rewriting tools. As a writer and analyst, he pours the heart out on a blog that is informative, detailed, and often digs deep into the heart of customer psychology. He’s written extensively on a range of topics including, marketing, AI chatbots, omnichannel messaging platforms, and many more.


In a study, 46% of consumers believed chatbots were deliberately hindering them from connecting to an agent. With their ease of communication, use and also ease, humans win the AI chatbots vs humans race. It is a multi-lingual, self-learning, and self-improving mechanism, which can recognize human speech as well as textual input and can respond to it in a variety of languages. Conversational AI can be best described as a form of technologically advanced chatbots that are a new and improved version of conventional ones. These technologies improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing instant responses to queries and guiding users through complex processes. Unlike chatbots, conversational AI systems are excellent at retaining contextual knowledge and memory.

  • To do this, just copy and paste several variants of a similar customer request.
  • Now, let’s explore the checklist we usually use at Apriorit to help our clients choose between rule-based and AI-based chatbots.
  • For instance, while researching a product at your computer, a pop-up appears on your screen asking if you require assistance.
  • A chatbot is either based on pre-programmed responses (Rule-Based) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to answer a user’s questions without the need for a human agent.

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chatbot vs ai

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