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A good payroll provider will spend the time necessary to explain their services, and the value they can bring to your business. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to engage independent contractors or freelancers, rather than employees, especially when operating across international borders. Payment processing for contractors can also be outsourced, much like payroll.

They specialize in tax obligations, compliance with government regulations, verifying accurate data, finding errors and fixing them before they pose bigger problems. Follow our step-by-step guide to identify and hire the right processing provider, ensure a smooth transition and optimize your payroll functions and requirements for the perfect offer and long-term success. On the other hand, it is expected from the company that is the provider to HR outsourcing  to help and provide the resources to the partner, as well as the regular pay to the employees on the payroll.

This has grown to include many activities normally performed by administrators or human resources departments—including payroll duties. The process of managing employee payroll is often time-consuming—unless, that is, another company is hired to take care of it instead. Payroll outsourcing can lead to big cost savings and provide access to payroll management experts, but doing so also comes with unique challenges and risks. Our 2024 guide takes you through the ins and outs of how payroll outsourcing works and how your company can best evaluate a possible outsourcing strategy. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of outsourcing payroll, how to outsource payroll, and why you might consider a PEO or human resource outsourcing (HRO) service provider versus a payroll software.

Yes, provided you choose a reputable payroll outsourcing provider that prioritizes data security! Human error is by far the most common cause of security breaches, a factor exacerbated by under-trained or overworked staff. A payroll provider’s security protocols will exceed what most businesses can achieve in-house, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of payroll data. Outsourcing just makes mathematical sense, especially for smaller companies. Many payroll providers charge per employee, so processing that amount tends to be far cheaper than paying for a full-time, in-house accountant’s salary.

HR Strategies for Promoting Team Productivity

Before partnering with Deel, they faced many challenges paying workers across borders, as it had to be done manually without a centralized system. Their processes took a lot of time, and they lacked a network of experts to help them navigate international compliance. Using payroll software isn’t typically considered outsourcing since it still requires work from your team. But if your team is currently using spreadsheets to manually manage payroll, investing in payroll software is a good first step to improving your processes. Through Deel, you can unify contractor payments, employer of record (EOR) services, and payroll management in one platform.

  • As with performing payroll functions in-house, applicable taxes must be withheld by the provider before payments are made.
  • To this end, assign administrative employees to serve as a liaison between your workforce and the payroll processor.
  • Depending on the work that is being done, the sheer amount of data that needs processing and employees that need to be paid, prices differ.
  • If you’re looking to outsource payroll and leverage other PEO solutions like employee benefits, recruiting, and risk and compliance services, click here to learn more about ExtensisHR’s PEO payroll offering.

What’s more, the cost of hiring, setting up, and maintaining a payroll team skyrockets as you scale up your business. Business owners and leaders all too often make the mistake of underestimating the amount of manpower and resources spent on managing payroll. One of the main outsourcing advantages regardless of the task is time savings. If you do payroll in-house, you have to consider all the time it takes to research and follow the correct process of setting it up. Think about managing it, too, and finding ways of automating different processes.

DIY payroll providers

Chris Baker, president of Switch Payroll Services, said business owners should also gauge a payroll provider’s experience processing multi-state or international payroll and offering customer advice. If you are going to use payroll outsourcing services, make sure you take time to assess their data security protocols first. If you are dissatisfied with the outsourced HR services, first address your concerns with the provider. If the services don’t improve, you may consider changing providers or managing certain HR functions in house. Depending on the provider and plan you choose, you may be committed for a certain amount of time or be able to cancel whenever you want. HR outsourcing is the practice of delegating human resources tasks to an external service provider.

Pros to Outsourcing Payroll

Clarify the degree and depth of service you need, go through roles and responsibilities, and finalize payment terms. Full-service payroll is generally easier but, as you’d expect, it costs more. They need timely access above-the-line costs definition to timesheets (for hourly workers), and notice of changes to a worker’s employment terms or tax status. Plus there are a lot of legal requirements, which means there are serious risks to getting things wrong.

Pressure on finance team –

Paycor is a comprehensive platform with a specialty in payroll, timekeeping and other HR functions. Paycor’s advanced reporting feature organizes and presents HR data from the platform for informed decision-making. Outsourcing has existed in the business world for as long as people have had a need for expertise.

This includes both submitting documentation to tax authorities—which the provider has maintained throughout activities—and remitting the tax dollars themselves. “Payroll co-sourcing” describes a hybrid model in which some elements of the payroll process are hired away while others are completed in-house. For instance, you can avoid paying for internal HR staff, which can add up with all of the salaries, benefits and trainings. You can also decrease the chances of having to pay monetary penalties for making compliance errors. Outsourcing HR is particularly beneficial for small and medium businesses that may not have the resources or expertise to manage these tasks internally.

Tax and Payslip calculations –

When a business contracts with a third party to provide the service, this is known as outsourcing. Outsourcing payroll is one of the most common types of business process outsourcing. To save even more money, consider using a free payroll software solution. A business may also want to consider outsourcing its payroll function if it lacks the in-house capabilities or expertise to handle it internally. Blueprint is an independent, advertising-supported comparison service focused on helping readers make smarter decisions.

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