What is JQL: functions, history, and sorting

In other words, INSERT statements are inherently non-polymorphic. UPDATE statements, by default, do not effect the version or the timestamp attribute values for the affected entities. This operation can perform significantly better for loading large numbers of entities that for certain already exist in the second-level cache. In cases where many of the entities do not exist in the second-level cache, this operation will almost definitely perform worse. Hibernate also allows an application to hook into the process of building the query results via the org.hibernate.transform.ResultTransformer contract. See its Javadocs as well as the Hibernate-provided implementations for additional details.

jql language

Search for issues where the summary contains specific text using Jira text-search syntax. You can search by status name or status ID (i.e. the number that Jira automatically allocates to a status). jql does not contain You can search by resolution name or resolution ID (i.e. the number that Jira automatically allocates to a resolution). Search for requests by the channel that they were created by.

Additional JQLs with Atlassian Marketplace apps

Jira allows you to save your JQL queries as filters for future use. These filters can be referenced in various areas of Jira, such as on Dashboards, https://deveducation.com/ in Agile Boards, or in other queries using the ‘filter’ keyword. A task report is the most popular reporting type in BigPicture.

jql language

It’s a method of extracting specific data from a database by means of text queries. Just like English or French, JQL has its own syntax and vocabulary. If you used parentheses like in the following example, they wouldn’t have any effect, because the clauses enclosed in parentheses were already connected by AND. This query would return the same results with or without the parentheses.

JQL-based archeology with history operators

Knowing what fields, Values, operators, and keywords denote will result in an efficient query. Functions are special instructions that can be used in JQL queries to search for issues in a more dynamic or complex way. They can be used to find issues based on the current user (‘currentUser()’), the current time (‘now()’), members of a particular group (‘membersOf()’), and more. In simple terms, it’s a saved search query you can reuse instead of writing it from scratch every time you need it. To make finding specific information easier, Jira allows its users to view the filters in a dashboard. Each field provides a different piece of information to its users.

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